I am an animal lover!  I have an AS degree in Animal Science, specializing in Equine Management from UNH.  What I did with this degree was to become a dairy farmer for 13 years.  Who would have thought?!

Because of all the hard physical labor of being a farmer, I hurt.  I found a local massage therapist and went faithfully once a month (I wish I could have gone more, but……).  I loved how massage made me feel, it melted all of my stress away for a short time, and made my hurts go away, at least for a little while

At that time I started to hear about Reiki.  Events in my life lead me to find a Reiki Teacher, and I took Usui Reiki levels 1, 2 and 3.  I loved learning about the energy invovled with reiki, and my intuitiveness that started to become more clear to me.

My life changed, and I was no longer a dairy farmer.  As I was working at an in between job, I started to see a few clients for Reiki.  Alot of them were in physical pain, and I knew that if I could massage their shoulders, or their back, etc.,  that I would be able to help them further.

I started to look for Massage Therapy Schools close to home, and found that White Mountain Community College had a Massage Therapy Certfication Program in Littleton, NH.  I graduated from WMCC in 2010, and opened my private practice.

I love massage therapy.  I enjoy helping people, and educating people about the benefits of regular massage.  I enjoy talking to people about Reiki and Craniosacral Terapy as well, and explaing the many benefits of each.

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